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Walrasian Snapshot or Dynamic-System Display?

A static building can be blueprinted and, when built, photographed and admired.  An electricity flow or a fluid flow in some type of delivery system does not get photographed; its performance gets metered, monitored, and compared against its desired systematic standard.  A screen display would indicate whether the flow was aberrational requiring controlled adjustment, or not.  Similarly, a set of interdependent economic flows of products and payments should be metered, monitored, and compared to their normative, functional, dynamic interrelationships, and, if necessary, adjusted into the proper dynamic equilibrium. Continue reading

Modern Monetary Theory Is Backward; It Creates “Illegal” Superposed Circuits

Preliminary note: In this section we are addressing the proper understanding and management of the economic process in normal, non-pandemic times.  We affirm that the recent pandemic called for extraordinary measures.


Unwittingly, first out of ignorance, more recently as necessitated by a pandemic, and most recently out of continuing ignorance, some nations, including the U.S., have wandered into the ultimate menace to the financial system, the spending without constraint blessed and recommended by unscientific. so-called Modern Monetary Theory. (Click here and here) The systematic result of MMT’s unconstrained printing of money, unjustified by corresponding, concomitant production of goods and services, is rampant inflation in prices for a) goods and services and/or b) financial assets.  (Continue reading)

Verification of The Law of Falling Bodies and of Macroeconomic Field theory

Excerpts relevant to the verification of Macroeconomic Field Theory:

… our distinction between analytic propositions and analytic principles is equivalent to the verification principle of the logical positivists. … (their verification principle), however, rests on an identification of the notions of verification and of experience.  Yet clearly if the law of falling bodies is verified, it is not experienced.  All that is experienced is a large aggregate of contents of acts of observing.  It is not experience but understanding that unifies the aggregate by referring them to a hypothetical law of falling bodies.  It is not experience but critical reflection that asks whether the data correspond to the law and whether the correspondence suffices for an affirmation of the law.  It is not experience but a reflective grasp of the fulfillment of the conditions for a probable affirmation that constitutes the only act of verifying that exists for the law of falling bodies; and similarly it is a reflective grasp of the unconditioned that grounds every other judgment. (CWL 3, 671/694) Continue reading

The Ineptitudes in Central Bank Operations

This entry should be read in conjunction with the reading of The Road Up is the Road Down; The Mechanism of Rising or Falling Prices.  Also, in “the Road UP …”, note well the phrase “a merely theoretical possibility.”

Recently the Executive and Legislative Branches, through the agencies of the Treasurer and the Federal Reserve Board, have flooded the economic system with free money.  Much of the resulting surfeit of new money is detached from any productive contribution.  This free, intrinsically inflation-constituting money has had to sit or go somewhere and constitute an effect in circulations of the basic circuit, the surplus circuit, and the secondary market for stocks, bonds, housing, etc.  Thus, in order to understand the present inflationary situation, an explanatory “Essay in Circulation Analysis” is a present need.

Please keep in mind that Lonergan, in his purely theoretical essay, does not treat specifically the actual recent flooding of the money supply, and the associated ultra-low interest rates, in the two operative circuits and in the Redistributive Function.  But one can easily glean from his treatments the inflationary implications of this actual flooding and the manner of its correction.  Herein, as opportunity allows we graft onto his orthodox treatment comments regarding recent quantitative flooding.  We trust the reader to discern what are graftings and what are the underlying matters under discussion at that point. (Continue reading)

New Foundations in 30 Minutes

New foundations for a new science of macroeconomics are grounded in

  • a scientific, dynamic heuristic
  • the technique of implicit definition
  • precise, purely relational, analytic distinctions between abstract fundamental terms and relations from which a superstructure of complete explanation may be deduced
  • the relativistic, field-theoretic functional interrelations among interdependent, mutually-defining, explanatory functional flows

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The “Truth” or “Verification” of Macroeconomic Field Theory

Part I –Introductory

.I.A  Outline of the Analytic Process

Part II – List of Notions Underlying and Constituting FMD’s Explanatory Hypothesis 

Part III – Substantiation of Related Notions 

.III.A Arguments Relevant to the Notions of Truth and Verification of FMD

.III.B. List of Important Ideas and Arguments to be Substantiated

.III.C Substantiation of Important Ideas and Arguments 

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An Einsteinian Relativistic Context: Space and Time Become Space-Time; Price and Quantity become Price-Quantity; An Abstract Set of Invariant Explanatory Relations


  • .I. Relations and Relativity in General
  • .II. Einstein’s Special Relativity and General Relativity
  • .III Lonergan’s Double-Circuited, Pretio-Quantital Relativity Theory
  • .IV. The Basic Price Spread; The Co-ordinated Relativity of Three Major Pretio-Quantital Flows and the Co-operative Relations Within Each Major Flow
  • .V. The Macroeconomic Field Theory Equations
  • .VI. Concerning Verification
  • .VII. Miscellaneous Selections
  • .VIII. Conclusion

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The Correlation of the Need for Money With the Magnitudes and Frequencies of Turnovers

A first task thereafter will be to correlate the need for more or less money in the productive process with the magnitudes and frequencies of their turnovers.  On that basis it will be possible to distinguish stable and unstable combinations and sequences of rates in the three main areas and so gain some insight into the long-standing recurrence of crises in the modern expanding economy. [CWL 15, 53-4 and 177] Continue reading

Frank Wilczek’s “We’re All Still Living in Euclid’s World”

The Weekend Wall Street Journal,  2/5-6/2022, featured Frank Wilczek’s (MIT) column entitled “We’re All Still Living in Euclid’s World.”  The article prompts further thinking about how space, space-time, and generalized coordinates underly Bernard Lonergan’s pretio-quantital Functional Macroeconomic Dynamics, AKA Macroeconomic Field Theory. (continue reading)