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Three Points of Criticism [Brief Item #83]

[5/20/20] I will begin by noting three points of criticism of the present tradition.  In the first place, the tradition includes no serious effort at analysis of the productive process.  Secondly, even when it takes on the trappings of a theory of growth, it remains economic macrostatics.  Thirdly, inbuilt into it and into its political application, there is a fundamental ideology of alienation. [McShane 1980, Lonergan’s Challenge to the University and the Economy, 103-104] Continue reading

Two Summaries in Functional Macroeconomic Dynamics

.I.   Summary of the Analysis:  Method, Observations, and Discoveries

.II.  Summary of the Argument (verbatim from CWL 15, 5-6)

.III. Supplement to the Summaries

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