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Greg Mankiw’s First-Year Seminar: The Economic Isms And Schools Need A General Explanatory Macroeconomic Theory Providing A Reliable Analytic Framework

Part I – Introductory

Part II – List of questions relevant to the contents of Greg Mankiw’s First-Year Seminar

Part III – Repeating of the questions plus excerpts relevant to  each specific issue

Part I – Introductory

Greg Mankiw’s Blog, dated 9/11/2023, and  titled “This Year’s First-Year Seminar” (Click here) referred to his article in the New York Times, dated 9/10/2017, and titled “Getting Along by Getting Together.”  Please read Greg’s article. (Click here)

The 2017 article summarized the readings of that year’s similar seminar and Greg’s stated  purpose in teaching the course.  He is to be commended for his effort to get people of different economic “persuasions” to get along with one another. (Continue reading)

A Must-Read, Melissa Kearney’s “The Two-Parent Privilege: How Americans Stopped Getting Married and Started Falling Behind”

We try to prescind from psychology and to concentrate on formulating macroeconomics as the objective explanatory science of the dynamic economic process involving values. However, in two previous posts, we have seen fit to point out the importance of culture in the hierarchical scheme of human values. Click here  and here.

We have also, in a previous post, Just Thinkin’, questioned the effectiveness of throwing ever more money at what are fundamentally cultural problems. Continue reading