Our Observations, Criticisms, and Praise of Popular Economists

Paul Krugman, John Greenwood, Steve H. Hanke, Philip McShane, N. Gregory Mankiw, John H. Cochrane, Alan S. Blinder, Raymond Thomas Dalio, Thomas Piketty, Joseph Stiglitz, Ben S Bernanke, Elizabeth Warren, Frederick G. Lawrence, Michael Gibbons, Karl Marx, Bernard Lonergan, Janet Yellen, Dr. Lindsey Piegza, Larry Summers, S. Peter Burley, Momma, Paul Romer, Stephanie Kelton, Ragnar Frisch, Robinson-Eatwell:

Frisch’s failure to develop a significant theory typifies the failure of economists who search for a dynamic heuristic.  As well as a fundamental disorientation of approach …[McShane, 1980, 114]

  • Robinson-Eatwell

the Robinson-Eatwell analysis is hampered … by their building the economic priora quoad nos of profits, wages, prices, etc., into explanation, when in fact the priora quoad nos[1] are last in analysis: they require explanation. [McShane 1980, 124]


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