Superpositionings Imagined; from Sequential to All-At-Once in a Single View

I do not have a video capability on this website, but perhaps the reader could, in his/her imagination, superpose simultaneously upon the Diagram of Rates of Flow several key formulas and images. This exercise and self-testing should be beneficial to the serious student.  In addition to seeing and having insight into each image in a sequence, the reader would, by superposition see the inner workings and interrelations of the velocities and accelerations all at once in interdependence rather than alone and separately.  The superpositioning of each diagram with its formulas offers the opportunity to consider the ideas and schemes one-at-a-time. one-against-one, and all-at-once.  An imagining and understanding and affirming would bring home to the reader’s mind the full complexity of the always-current, purely dynamic, organic process.  And it would help the reader to appreciate the wisdom in Lonergan’s orderly presentation.

Here is a list of key formulas and images to be considered:

  • The lagged technical accelerator: kn[f’n(t-a)-Bn] = f”n-1(t) – An-1  [CWL 15, 37]
  • G = c”O” – i’O’ = 0 is the condition of equilibrium  [CWL 15, 54]
  • Figure 24-6 Growth of Rate of Basic Production (Q’) over a Pure Cycle
  • Figure 24-7 Rate of Change of dQ’/Q’ and dQ”/Q” over a Pure Cycle
  • Reader’s own image of tiers of basic income and the nature of “migrations” from (CWL 15, 134) of 

I’ = Σwiniyi

dI’ = Σ(widni + nidwi)yi

  • Figure 27-1 Rate of Change of v, w, and f during a Pure Cycle, Ideal Maximum f
  • Reader’s own imageof the basic price-spread ratio from (CWL 15, 158) of 

P’Q’ = p’a’Q’ + p”a”Q”


J = P’/p’ = a’ + a”R

  • Figure 29-1 Diagram of Superposed Circuits
  • Figure 31-1 Diagram of Government Spending and Taxes
  • The aggregate of quantities of money required for transitional basic payments [CWL 21, 169-70]:

Σsij  =  Σvirij   

Some of the images are shown below.

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    is there software that can do what you say in terms of visualizing the outcome of the Lonergan equations in his baseball diagrems with their annotations for dynamic field interflowing?


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