Heuristic ⇒ Method ⇒ Images ⇒ Insights ⇒ Formulations ⇒ Coherent Hypothesis and Theory ⇒ Verification ⇒ Implementation

.1.  Science is explanation of phenomena by implicit formulas wherein the relations define the terms, the terms define the relations, and insight fixes both.  All relations are coherent – of terms with terms and formulas with formulas – with one another so as to comprise a complete theory.

.2.  Insights yield terms related to one another; thus, properly representative terms in their relations may qualify as possible explanatory conjugates.

.3.  A heuristic states the goal of a search.  A method is the process or procedure which leads to a goal.

.4. Generalization is needed to unify and supersede the scattered insights of Establishment Economics. (Continue reading)

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