A Gem [Brief Item #79]

[3/18/20] Michael Gibbons’ essay, “Economic Theorizing in Lonergan and Keynes” is a gem.

Gibbons, M. (1987) “Economic Theorizing in Lonergan and Keynes”Religion and Culture:  Essays in Honour of Bernard Lonergan S.J., Eds. J.P. Fallon and P.B. Riley, University of New York Press, Albany [Gibbons, 1987, pp. 313-23]

Gibbons’ essay is followed in the collection by essays of Patrick Byrne and Eileen De Neeve; all three are available together on line at

Available at https://books.google.com/books?id=oyuYSv36a7sC&pg=PA313&lpg=PA313&dq=economic+theorizing+in+keynes+and+lonergan&source=bl&ots=WthPRBVVAI&sig=ACfU3U3PpGnxMzfRTD6hgvh36V5x-7Ds3Q&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiTg9bgkaToAhXyV98KHUVDAqkQ6AEwDHoECA4QAQ#v=onepage&q=economic%20theorizing%20in%20keynes%20and%20lonergan&f=false

The two papers following Gibbon’s paper are entitled

“Economic Transformations; the Role of Conversions and Culture in the Transformations of Economics”, pp. 327-48, by Patrick Byrne, and

“The Possibility of a Pure Cycle of the Productive Process: The Potential for Decline in Economic Growth”, pp. 349-66, by Eileen De Neeve.  [#79] (Click here for previous “Single Paragraphs” or “Brief Items”)

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